Thursday, February 2, 2012

it's definitely love

I had the girls all to myself today - it was amazing! Rosie really opened up to me today. They both called me mom all day! At one point Maggie asked when daddy was coming home. It's insane how good it felt to hear them call us by those names. I thought it would take months. They must know how much we love them. Tonight's the last night we have to sleep in separate houses - thank God!

I took them to the park, to meet Aunt Ali, to see the pool, and showed Rosie the outside of her new school. They like it here. They like all the walking paths and lakes. Tomorrow I have to take Rosie to get some uniforms, shoes and a backpack. We had a wonderful day! Riley is such a good big sister. She helped paint their nails and blow bubbles. She and Rosie played Barbies for quite a while too. This is the life i've always dreamed of!!
Rosie showing a little personality while Maggie takes pics

Mags took this - its me and Kasheena, our case worker

They loved the park

Rosie on her scooter

My girls - minus Riley, she was at school.

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