Thursday, February 2, 2012

time alone

We got to spend the day with the girls at our house yesterday. I had them alone for 2 hours, which was wonderful! When they walked in the door, Maggie ran to the backdoor to see the dogs and Rosie (who wants to change her name RIGHT NOW) looked around and said "I like it." We spent the first 30 mins outside with the dogs, then came in because they wanted to watch Spongebob, because they aren't allowed to with their foster parents. Me being the rebel that I am, allows Spongebob :) Maggie kept sitting in my lap and loving on me. Rosie is still feeling us out. With her being older, it's probably going to take some more time before she opens up, but we'll be here when she's ready. Riley was in heaven, she loves being a big sister! She helped them at dinner and played with Rosie a lot, which should help Rosie come around. I'm already madly in love with these little girls and can't wait for them to feel the same about us!
She fell in love with Bubba, but who doesn't ?

Maggie and her mouth full of gum. 

Maggie took a pic of her eye.

Watching Spongebob. Maggie wanted to put on some of her new pj's. Daisy is busy watching the chips on the table.

She loves to dress up!

Still watching  Spongebob!

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